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Pigs and Battleships (1961)

Also know as The Flesh is Hot (Buta to gunkan), this movie is about a wannabe yakuza and his girl friend in Japan during the years of the American occupation. Kinta wants to hit it big, but his girlfriend wants him to leave the gangster life. She has some trouble herself trying to follow a straight life.
Immamura takes shots at gangsters, Americans sailors and the Japanese women who took up with them.
In some ways the movie reminded me of the neo-realist films of de Sica as Immamura took a look at how war had devastated a country and a culture. However, Immamura couldn’t really take a straight look at the events. He interjects a lot of comedy and he also casts a cynical eye on everyone involved.
In the end the pigs are running loose in the streets with the gangsters, the sailors and the loose women. There are no heroes in this excellent movie.

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