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The Eel (1997)

Yamashita thought he had a good life. He had a good job and once a week he would go over night fishing with his friends. He started getting anonymous notes that his wife was cheating on him while he fished. One day he came early, snapped when he saw what was going on, and brutally murdered his wife.
Eight years later he gets out of prison, along with a pet he had kept : an eel. He starts practicing the barber trade he learned in prison. He finds the body of a woman, Keiko, who tried to commit suicide and later comes work in his shop. She reminds him of his wife, but he keeps her at a distance.
Yamashita tries to come to grips with killing the one he loved so much. He tells his eel : “When I killed Emiko, I died along with her. I didn’t want … I couldn’t accept anyone else.”
Keiko leaves and goes back to her former life and takes her insane mother’s money out of the company she was going to invest it in.
A fellow ex-con comes back and gives Yamashita a hard time about his past. The ex-con also can’t forget about his past. They fight, but Yamashita just wants to be left alone.
People from Keiko’s former company come to Yamashita’s shop looking for Keiko and the money she took. When one of the guys gets rough with, Yamashita loses it again and slashes him with a razor. He has broken parole and is headed back to prison, but Keiko will be waiting for him.
A really good, really different movie from Shohei Imamura about how you try to cope after your world has ended.

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